Who is the Greatest? (Mark 9:30-37)

This Sunday, we will focus on the question, “Who is the Greatest?” as we study Mark 9:30-37.

As you prepare for community worship, consider the following suggestions/questions.

  • Read Mark 9:14-50. Pay attention to the context in which verses 30-37 fit. 
  • In verse 32, the Disciples don’t understand Jesus’ teaching on his upcoming death & resurrection. As a result, they were afraid to ask Jesus about it. What are things about Jesus that you don’t understand and are afraid to ask?
  • What areas of your life do you feel the most need to be the greatest? (e.g. work, family, school, etc.) — verse 34
  • What are ways that you serve others? — verse 35
  • Welcoming Jesus means welcoming others. When we welcome Jesus, we actually welcome God! How does this inspire you to be more welcoming in your lifestyle? — verse 37

Feel free to post your responses to these questions or submit some questions of your own.


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