Receiving the Kingdom Like a Child (Mark 10:13-16)

During our Sunday worship service, we considered what it means to receive God’s kingdom like a child. As you reflect on the service and sermon, consider the following questions:

  • When you think of people on the margins of our society, who do you think of? Who are the least, the last, the lowest, the lost, and the littlest in our society today?
  • Do you find yourself inclined to push away (rebuke) these groups/types of people? Why? How can you take practical steps to compassionately receiving outsiders?
  • Tim Geddert suggests 4 possible interpretations to the phrase, “receiving God’s kingdom like a child“: 1) without reservations (like a child receives it), 2) without status and rights (by becoming childlike), 3) with open arms (like we receive a child), and 4) eager for our acceptance (when it comes like a child). What do you think of these interpretations? How can you more actively receive God’s kingdom in your life?
  • As we receive God’s kingdom like a child, we learn to live into God’s new way of life: including the outsiders, serving those in need, honoring those without honor. As we do this, what once seemed like an upside down kingdom becomes a right side up kingdom in the middle of an upside down world. From your perspective, what things about our world are most upside down? What are steps that we can take to address these issues?

Feel free to post your responses and other related questions. I look forward to interacting more with you on this topic.


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