Walking with a Purpose (Mark 10:32-45)

This Sunday, Rosie will help us reflect on the Jesus’ third teaching about his death and resurrection (Mark 10:32-34). As you prepare for corporate worship, consider the following questions:

  • Jesus’ disciples are astonished and others following Jesus are afraid as they head directly for Jerusalem. Jesus then speaks to them directly about what is going to happen in Jerusalem. Do you resonate with the reactions of the disciples and/or followers? What about Jesus continues to astonish you? 
  • James and John want a share in Jesus’ glory, but they don’t understand what that might mean. How does Jesus redefine glory in this passage?
  • The other disciples are indignant with James and John for trying to get ahead, which provides another good opportunity for Jesus to teach about service in God’s kingdom. What are ways that you want to get ahead? What opportunities for service help you counter the need to get ahead?

Feel free to post other thoughts and questions.


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1 Response to Walking with a Purpose (Mark 10:32-45)

  1. Jill Brandt says:

    James and John’s comment to Jesus is so bold– “Teacher,” they said, “we want you to do for us whatever we ask.” (Mark 10:35 NIV)
    I know they didn’t understand what was about to happen, but to ask that seems almost insulting or offensive having seen that Jesus was not into power and glory in the traditional sense. I had an almost angry response to them having the nerve to ask that of Jesus. But I wonder how many times I have misunderstood God’s plan and for asked for something that could have been seen as offensive or insulting to God.

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