Walking with a Purpose (Mark 10:32-45)

During Worship, Rosie helped us consider the purposefulness with which Jesus walked. She encouraged us to walk with similar purpose today. As you think back on the sermon and scripture, consider the following questions:

  • What direction is your life headed? How are you walking with a purpose today?
  • James & John had a misguided request for Jesus. In what ways do you present Jesus with misguided requests?
  • Jesus reminds the disciples of who he called them to be: faithful followers. Even though we mess up, Jesus meets us where we are and reminds us of our calling. What are areas in your life where you need Jesus to remind you of your direction and purpose?
  • Rosie encouraged us to take steps right now to follow Jesus with purpose (don’t wait until next week). With that in mind, what excites you about following Jesus? What service opportunities are waiting for you to jump in?

Feel free to post your responses, questions, and further thoughts.


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