Mark 10:46-52

This coming Sunday, we will focus on the final story in Mark’s Gospel before Jesus and his disciples enter Jerusalem. On the surface, this is a simple story of Jesus healing a blind beggar. When we look deeper, however, we will learn much about true discipleship.

As you prepare for gathered worship, read through the Scripture passage and consider the following questions:

  • Jericho is the last stop before Jerusalem. How might you feel in the disciple’s shoes?
  • Jesus calls Bartimaeus to himself: does this remind you of any other passages in Mark’s Gospel? Which ones?
  • Jesus asks Bartimaeus, “What do you want me to do for you?” Does this remind you of another passage in Mark’s Gospel? Which one?
  • (In response to the above question: take a peek at Mark 10:35-45, specifically verses 36 and 37). How is Bartimaeus’ response different than that of James and John?
  • Jesus tells Bartimaeus to “Go,” but instead he “followed him on the way.” What do you make of this?

What other thoughts and questions come to mind as you read this text? Feel free to post your reflections.


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