Where’s Jesus? (Mark 16:1-8)

We’ve spent time this past week reflecting on Jesus’ faithfulness through his last hours, the hope present even in Jesus’ last cry from the cross, and the joy of Jesus’ resurrection.

On Sunday morning, we focused on the question: Where’s Jesus? (click on that link if you would like to read the morning message).

As you reflect on this past Holy Week, consider the following questions:

  • The young man in the tomb declared that “Jesus has been raised” (Mark 16:6), proclaiming that “God has done it” (Psalm 22:31). Where in our world do you recognize God’s faithfulness?
  • Jesus goes ahead to Galilee and thus invites each of us back into the journey of discipleship. How do you notice Jesus ahead of you, calling you forward? How is Jesus calling our church community forward?
  • What new opportunities for discipleship are present in your life right now? What new opportunities are available for our church community?
  • Jesus walks with us through the dark times into resurrection glory. How have you experienced Jesus’ comforting presence with you in difficult times?

Our God reigns here on earth! May we trust in God’s faithfulness even in the midst of those dark times of life. May we embrace new opportunities to follow Jesus on the road of discipleship.

Feel free to post your responses, thoughts, or questions.

~Peace, Phil

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3 Responses to Where’s Jesus? (Mark 16:1-8)

  1. jgoerzen says:

    I have been thinking about “He has been raised” and the comment that “God has raised Jesus to new life.” Yes, and even more! God has raised *us* to new life. In a less dramatic way, yes, but still it is true. We are invited to a rebirth in Christ, a new life in The Way. “Christ is risen! He is risen indeed!” is a great refrain. Sometimes we might feel like following it with “We are risen! We are risen indeed!” — a praise and thanks for what God has done for us, here and now.

  2. I loved the Touchdown Jesus story, and I loved how once again I learned new things about the Biblical story. The information about the watches that we heard about on Thursday was new to me, as was the connection between Mark’s story and Psalm 22. We hear “the same” Passion story every year, and when we can hear it and receive new understandings, that is good, very good.

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