Centrifugal Love

On Sunday, we considered two images that both related to our Scripture passage for the morning (Deuteronomy 6:1-9) as well as our theme of parent and child dedication. These two images were 1) passing a baton and 2) centrifugal (outward moving) love. If you would like to read through the morning message, please click on the following link: Centrifugal Love.

As you continue to reflect on the morning, consider the following questions:

  • Do you recognize the “baton of love” amidst all of the covenantal rules and regulations? If love is at the center of all of God’s teachings, how does that change your perspective of who God is?
  • Centrifugal love is love that begins at the center and moves outward (heart, soul, might, family, community). How can we exemplify this outward reaching love today?
  • Inner love naturally moves into outward action: what actions in your life demonstrate your inner love for God?

May we each allow God’s outward reaching love to flow through us to our families, our communities, and the entire world.


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