“Oh, the Places You’ll Go!”

This Sunday, we will continue our Dr. Seuss series by focusing on “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” in conjunction with the Great Commission in Matthew 28:16-20. As you prepare for worship, read Psalm 22 and Matthew 28. “Going” is a key part of Jesus’ commission:

  • What are ways that you embody Jesus’ call to “go”? (Feel free to share stories from past or present. Also, the call to go doesn’t simply mean moving to somewhere else in the world: “going” could mean going across the street and being a good neighbor.).
  • In the book, Dr. Seuss talks about times in life when we’re the “best of the best,” when we “top all the rest.” What times in your life have you felt on top of the world?
  • Dr. Seuss also talks about times when we’re “left in a Lurch” and caught in a “Slump.” What times in your life have you felt like this?
  • Jesus commissions his disciples to “Disciple the Nations,” yet this isn’t a call that they must do on their own. If we consider Psalm 22, we can recognize that God is the one who reigns over the nations (Ps. 22:28). As we do God’s work, God promises to already be there. How does this affect your understanding of the Great Commission?

Feel free to post other thoughts and questions here.

Peace, Phil

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