“The Living Word”

This past Sunday, we reflected on Scripture through the “Jesus lens.” If you’d like to read through the morning sermon, click the following link: The Living Word. As you continue to reflect on the morning scripture, theme, and message, also consider the following questions.

  • What are practical ways that you can use the “Jesus lens” in your everyday living? What topics are most important for us to view them through the lens of Jesus?
  • What do you think Jesus told the two disciples on the road to Emmaus when he explained to them what was said in Scripture concerning himself?
  • All of Scripture witnesses to God’s bigger story of salvation. Furthermore, Jesus, the living Word, is the solution to God’s saving strategy. As you read through Scripture, what are some clear examples that validate these statements?
  • How is Scripture still alive today? What are ways that you keep Scripture alive?

Feel free to post reflections, thoughts, or other related questions.

Peace, Phil

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