from blurry to 20/20

This morning, Pastor Rosie helped us reflect on who God is through the lens of Jesus. If you would like to read through the morning message, click the following link: From Blurry to 20-20. As you continue to reflect on who God is and how God acts in the world, also consider the following questions (feel free to post thoughts or additional questions):

  • How does Jesus help you see God more clearly? What scripture passages are most important to you in understanding who God is through the lens of Jesus?
  • Ever since Moses’ encounter with God in the burning bush, God promised to always be present with us (God’s people). How do you notice God’s presence in your own life?
  • Rosie affirmed that our God is a God who reveals, calls, and frees people. Jesus, who is God’s son and is in fact God, also reveals who God is, calls people to follow, and frees people to be God’s people. How is God calling you right now? Are you ready to respond to God’s call?
  • Rosie concluded her sermon by affirming that God is always for us, with us, and within us. How does this view of God challenge common cultural perceptions of God? Where do you notice a God for, with, and within us?

“Therefore, as a free and diverse people called by God may our vision be cleared, so we can freely join in God’s restorative work – here and in all places!” (Pastor Rosie).

Peace, Phil

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