Spiraling Down, Redemption Found

This past Sunday we focused on the books of Judges and Ruth. Judges highlights a downward tornado-like cycle, leaving God’s people in chaos. Ruth gives us a glimmer of hope. If you’d like to read through the morning sermon, feel free to click the following link: Spiraling Down-Redemption Found.

This next Sunday and for the rest of the quarter we turn to Israel’s Kings, beginning with king Saul. As we continue through this season of advent, of waiting for Christ’s coming, we can recognize the connections between Israel’s Kings, and Jesus who came as a different kind of King.

Family discussion questions to follow-up from Sunday are:

  • Where do you notice the downward spiral of the judges cycle in your own life?
  • Ruth is a story of redemption: how can you see glimmers of hope and redemption today?
  • How did Jesus confront the sin cycle and bring new glimmers of hope?

Peace, Phil

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