Images of the Cross: Ransom

Tabor Church Family,

Here is an place where we can connect during this time of physical distancing. Please feel free to watch the sermon video or read the transcript and respond to the reflection questions listed below. If you have ideas on how to make this more user friendly, please let me know.

Peace, Pastor Phil

Reflection Questions:

  • What strikes you about the way I have described the image of ransom?
  • What changes when you shift from thinking about an angry and distant God to a loving and present God?
  • What other resources stand out to you as you consider this scripture and sermon (songs, hymns, poems, artwork, etc…)?
  • How can we share the good news of the hope vaccine with others in our families, communities, and world?
  • What prayer requests do you have at this time?
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1 Response to Images of the Cross: Ransom

  1. Darwin K Funk says:

    Thank you Phil for that meaningful and powerful sermon. What a reminder that God is with us and in this and through Him we have hope!

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