Images of the Cross: Forgiveness

For our digital worship service this weekend, we are including several videos that you can watch all together through this Worship Playlist, or you can select each separate link: Introduction, Prelude, Welcome/Prayer, Gathering Hymn, Children’s Story, Hymn of Assurance, Scripture, Sermon, Hymn of Response, Prayer/Benediction, Sending Hymn. Feel free to sing along to the hymns if you know them or if you have a Blue Hymnal. The order of worship is printed in this Sunday’s Bulletin so that you can follow along. The sermon transcript is also available here: Images of the Cross – Forgiveness.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this possible!

Reflection Questions:

  • What stories or experiences come to mind for you when you consider the topic of forgiveness?
  • How have you received forgiveness in your life?
  • How have you practiced forgiveness?
  • How do you hope to practice forgiveness now and in the future?
  • What other ways can we as a church family practice forgiveness through our lives of faith?
  • What other resources stand out to you as you consider this scripture and sermon (songs, hymns, poems, artwork, etc…)?
  • What prayer requests do you have at this time? 
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