Images of the Cross: Upside Down King

For our digital worship service this weekend, we invite you to watch the Worship Playlist, where you can watch all of the worship videos in order or select the one(s) you want to watch. The order of worship is printed in this Sunday’s Bulletin so that you can follow along. The transcript is also available here: 20200405-triumphal-entry.

Additionally, as we enter into Holy Week, we invite you to consider using the Images of the Cross Holy Week booklet that we put together, which has a scripture reading, reflection questions, and prayer for each day (Monday-Saturday).

Thanks to everyone who helped make this possible!

Reflection Questions:

  • On this Palm Sunday, what comes to mind for you as you think about Jesus’ procession into Jerusalem? (consider meaningful rituals, past worship services or past teachings/Bible studies on this passage, past Palm Sunday experiences, etc.)
  • Do you think it more likely that the other people processing into Jerusalem believed Jesus to be the Messiah or that he entered into the city unnoticed by many? Why
  • What is it that you are praying, hoping, and longing for God to do during this time of fear and suffering due to the pandemic? How might God be answering your prayers (even if this may not look exactly as you had hoped)?
  • How have you experienced or seen God during this past week? Are there times, places, or situations when God has felt absent or where it has been more difficult to notice God’s presence?
  • Psalm 46 was briefly referenced twice during this sermon. You are invited to read through this passage. What strikes you? What words or phrases stand out to you? How might God’s Spirit be speaking to you through this psalm considering the world’s current circumstances?
  • Spend time in prayer. Pray for eyes to see God’s presence and healing, even in the midst of suffering, even when God doesn’t show up as we were expecting or hoping. Pray for strength to trust that God is still active and present in times of suffering and fear. Praise God for being our refuge and strength, and a very present help in times of trouble.
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