Images of the Cross: Victory (Easter)

Christ is Risen! Christ is Risen Indeed!

As we celebrate Christ’s Resurrection on this Easter Weekend 2020, we invite you to watch the Worship Playlist, where you can view all the worship videos in order or select the ones you want to see. The order of worship is printed in this Sunday’s Bulletin so that you can follow along. Feel free to also follow along with the Call to Worship, Hymns, and Worship Transcript.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this digital worship service possible!

Reflection Questions (feel free to read, reflect, and respond by selecting “leave a comment” below):

  • What destructive powers do you see at work in the world today?
  • How did Jesus make a public spectacle of the evil powers through his life, death, and resurrection?
  • How does Christ’s victory through his death and resurrection give you hope today?
  • In what ways are God and God’s people working today to make a public spectacle of the powers even amidst the global pandemic?
  • In what ways are you following Jesus and declaring your hope in our God of life through your words and deeds?
  • What other resources stand out to you as you consider this scripture and sermon (songs, hymns, poems, artwork, etc…)?
  • What prayer requests do you have at this time?
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